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On August 22 1962, Granada TV wisely decided to film The Beatles performing a gig at the Cavern Club. The footage is a noon session with the introduction by Cavern DJ Bob Wooler: “At this midday session at the Cavern, we proudly present The Beatles”. There is a shot of the stage from the audience’s point of view and they play “Some Other Guy”. The camera moves up and eventually showing John and Paul. There is also footage from the side and various angles of the stage but I’m not sure which songs the Beatles are performing at this point. All of the footage has the “Some Other Guy” music in the back ground.

This version of “Some Other Guy” also features someone in the audience shouting “We Want Pete” at the end of the song. The footage with this version of “Some Other Guy” can be found on both the “Complete Beatles” documentary and the “Anthology” documentary as well. The soundtrack of this version is also found on the Silent Sea bootleg series.

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Over the past week a fellow musician Erik Peterson and I got into some heavy vinyl and cassette chat over on Google Plus (Click if you need an invitation). He shared a few articles that were great food for thought if you are thinking of some alternative ways to release your album, have a fanbase that is receptive to these types of media or are looking at cracking a new marketing of people looking for new music on these formats.